Condo Parking Solutions

Easy and secure entrance and exits for the comfort of your residents.

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In multi-res communities, there are two main priorities: ensuring the comfort of residents, and providing easy, but controlled and secure entrance and exit. LocoMobi World’s condo parking solutions provide this and more.

Automated Parking Solutions For Multi-Residential And Gated Communities

Our automated condo parking management is all about optimizing your daily operations, making for happier customers and making your management tasks easier. Our systems are flexible and adaptable, offering new ways to serve our customers and source revenue.

You can access your control systems, any time, anywhere with our remote management tools, and keep a close eye on access, validations and payments. You also have the ability to monitor key metrics, such as revenue, occupancy, and the operational status of your equipment.

Both tenants and guests will find exit and entries easier than ever, with fewer issues around prox cards and other traditional access control gadgets, as well as credit card transactions, validations, etc. With frictionless access, your customers can enjoy a much more convenient experience. On the management side,  all the tools we provide assist in increasing property control, augment the building security systems, and greater opportunities for revenue generation.

Add more value to your property owners’ investment – an upgraded condominium parking control contributes tremendously to the value of the entire building, and each individual unit. By alleviating the burden of parking control on your property management team, you can free them up to focus their attention in other areas that need improving. The entire community can rest in the knowledge that their building is safe and secure, with our superior rule enforcement tools.

If you own or manage a multi-residential community, and have been looking for the best new solution in automated condo parking systems, contact LocoMobi World.