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LocoMobi World designs and customizes college parking solutions for campuses across the United States and Canada. The many demands of student and employee parking can often create congestion, parking shortages and revenue collection problems. Our parking solutions, incorporating our cutting-edge hardware and cloud-based remote management products, enable the streamlining of college campus parking systems, keeps traffic flowing, and ensure that students, staff and visitors always have ample parking.

Campus Parking Solutions From LocoMobi World

Incorporating products such as BriskPark parking hardware and our industry-leading WorldStream Cloud Portal, our university parking solutions are geared towards maximum efficiency, minimized costs and overall ease of management. Parking management staff can access the system remotely via the Cloud Platform, at any time, from anywhere in the world. Open gates remotely, change pricing tariffs, monitor traffic flows and gather data to enable you to manage your parking lot even more efficiently.

With LocoMobi World, you can make your parking areas more convenient and user-friendly for staff, students and visitors, and you can maximize their potential both as well-organized support services for your campus, and as potential sources of revenue.

With our systems in place, your campus will enjoy:

  • Seamless traffic flow and reduced congestion.
  • Organized and accurate parking space bookings and assignments, where necessary.
  • Safe, ticketless parking experiences.
  • Access integration with student and staff ID cards.
  • Safe and easy revenue collection and banking functions.
  • Built-in Cloud-based enforcement system for all Campus police and parking officers.
  • Infrastructure Tracking of vehicles to ensure the safety of the campus population.

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