Airport Parking Systems

A visitor’s experience begins in the parking area.

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The main priority for any airport is providing a smooth and pleasant travel experience for all its visitors. That experience does not begin in the transit lounge or at the boarding gates. It starts in the parking area. It is, therefore, important to provide an easy, stress-free parking experience that boosts customer comfort satisfaction and increases the airport’s revenues.

LocoMobi World’s Airport Parking Solutions

Airport parking lots typically involve high traffic levels in an expansive territory. The visitor experience does not begin in the transit lounge or the boarding gates; it starts in the parking area. Our smart parking solutions help airports to manage traffic flow, security, and traveler satisfaction while maximizing revenue and minimizing costs. In addition, ground transportation is managed by our excessive WorldStream applications for Valet, Curbside , Taxi holding and interface with Airport merchants to drive traffic to their businesses.

With us, your parking will be easier to manage than ever. We work hard to provide solutions that business owners and property managers can seamlessly integrate into their daily operations. We ensure:

  • Revenue maximization with booking and reservation platforms
  • Reliable, cheap and efficient operation.
  • Fast and simple integration into airport systems structures.
  • Integration with other data carriers, eg. airline loyalty and frequent flyer programs.
  • Facilities for additional services such as secured parking or electric car charging stations.
  • Pre-book Valet parking or live on-site and track your vehicle into the garage, making sure there is no “joy riding”.
  • Control Rental Areas.
  • Taxi Staging tracking and dispatch.
  • Cost minimization and compliance monitoring.

Automated parking solutions offer a number of benefits over conventional parking facilities, namely:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Greater feasibility and profitability, via flexible design and implementation.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • A constant, stable source of revenue.
  • Easy, efficient control and management of the parking area and traffic flow.
  • Pay anywhere in the Terminal rather than just at designated Pay Stations using open platform interfaces throughout the Buildings.

Airport parking lots typically involve high levels of traffic in fairly expansive territory. LocoMobi World’s solutions enable the efficient management of these large areas and volumes with lower operating costs and increased control. For more information on our automated airport parking systems, contact us today.