TheSmartCity.Blog’s Next Guest is Daniel Marinovic of Dream

We are pleased to announce that Daniel Marinovic, Dream’s Chief Development Officer, will be our next guest speaker on TheSmartCity.Blog Podcast!
Dream TSX: DRM is a leading developer of exceptional office and residential assets in Toronto, owns stabilized income-generating assets in both Canada and the U.S., and has an established and successful asset management business, inclusive of $8 billion of assets under management across three Toronto Stock Exchange listed trusts and numerous partnerships.
Daniel oversees Dream’s numerous development activities in Western Canada and Ontario. He has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry with an extensive track record delivering high-profile community development and building projects across all asset classes and numerous municipalities. Prior to joining Dream, Daniel was a senior executive with the Great Gulf Group of Companies, a major property developer and landlord with operations in Canada and the United States.
Join Daniel Marinovic and Co-Hosts Alan Cross & Grant Furlane for an in-depth session on Developing Impactful and Smart Communities and how Dream has taken the planned smart community to another level on Wednesday, October 28th at TheSmartCity.Blog!

LocoMobi World Makes AP News Headlines with TheSmartCity.Blog Podcast

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Get Ready for the Launch of TheSmartCity.Blog Podcast!

Check out our amazing lineup over the next couple of weeks:

Episode 1 – Tuesday, September 22: Welcome to the LocoMobi World Podcast with Grant Furlane

Episode 2 – Wednesday, September 23: Sandy Carter of AWS on Customer Data Analysis

Episode 3 – Wednesday, September 30: Adrian Wang of Tridel on the Next Generation of Buildings

Join Co-Hosts Alan Cross & Grant Furlane for the inaugural episode on Tuesday, September 22 at TheSmartCity.Blog!

TheSmartCity.Blog’s Next Guest is Adrian Wang of Deltera

We are pleased to announce that Adrian Wang, Director of Innovation & Sustainability at Deltera, as part of the Tridel Group of Companies, will be the next guest speaker on TheSmartCity.Blog.

Adrian Wang has over 10 years in the building industry spanning experiences from construction management to sustainability. He takes an avid interest in the convergence of sustainability, technology and building systems; finding synergies at the intersection of traditionally siloed functions.  This passion has led him to challenge old assumptions about the construction industry and push for ways to make our buildings healthier, safer and smarter.

Join Adrian Wang and Co-Hosts Alan Cross & Grant Furlane for a robust session on Smart Homes and Sustainability on Wednesday, September 30 at

TheSmartCity.Blog’s First Guest is Sandy Carter of AWS

We are beyond pleased to announce that the first guest on TheSmartCity.Blog will be Sandy Carter – Amazon Web Services (AWS) Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector Global Partners and Programs.

She previously built an enterprise workload team as the Vice President of Enterprise Workloads at AWS focused on migration and modernization through containers and serverless.

She is the author of Extreme Innovation: Three Superpowers for Purpose and Profit. Sandy was named 2020 Top 15 Cloud Computing Influencers on Twitter, 2020 Top 50 Digital Influencer, 2020 Top 15 IoT Influencers, Lifetime Achievement Winner, ‘Excellence in Cloud Achievement’ for 2019, AI Innovator of the Year Nominee in 2019, Top 10 AI Influencers for 2019, Top 10 Cloud Computing Influencer, Top 39 Engineers by Business Insider 2019, and Top 10 Women in Technology by CNN.

Sandy is the Chairman of the Board of Girls in Tech, and an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley.

Join Sandy Carter and Co-Hosts Alan Cross & Grant Furlane Wednesday, September 23 for the launch of the first episode!

LocoMobi World Launches Its Safe, Secure and Sustainable CondoPark LPR System at Bloorvista

August 4, 2020

Toronto, ON. – LocoMobi World, one of North America’s Smart City technology leaders, is proud to announce the launch of its fully integrated CondoPark system at Bloorvista in the Islington Terrace master-planned community in Etobicoke. Built by Canadian award-winning developer, Tridel, this sold-out building demands the best in security and parking technology to keep tenants safe and trespassers out. CondoPark, powered by LPR Express, is a web-based parking system that uses industry-leading License Plate Recognition technology to instantly give access to registered tenants and guests by reading their license plates in seconds. All guests are securely registered through an encrypted online portal, providing both convenience and the highest level of security. This eliminates the need for fobs or access keys, which can easily be stolen. Enhancements to this system at Bloorvista include LocoMobi World’s Added Awareness Console & Advanced Alerts and CallWhenHere. The Added Awareness Console provides an extra level of security that focuses on keeping tenants safe and intruders out. The concierge and security teams are aware of who is in the parking garage at all times including vehicles tailgating inside, vehicles with unauthorized access, and non-vehicles such as persons, skateboards, and bicycles. CallWhenHere allows tenants, customers, and visitors access to a property by simply speed-dialling the gate/door call number from their vehicle. Access will only be granted if the phone number is registered and active at the time they call.

“When working with one of Canada’s premier developers such as Tridel, LocoMobi World’s commitment is to provide a safe, secure, and seamless experience with reliable leading technology and interactive apps to guide the smart community. The CondoPark system and add-ons form one of North America’s strongest parking solutions in the market,” says Grant Furlane, LocoMobi World’s CEO.

Grant FurlaneCEO

About LocoMobi World Inc.

LocoMobi World is a Smart City, parking & transportation technology company that manufactures and delivers innovative enterprise hardware, and cloud-based software solutions, including a revolutionary license plate recognition system for some of the biggest names in parking and transportation in North America.

Offering a diverse range of products from mobile apps & software solutions, to traditional parking equipment, LocoMobi World accommodates a broad range of environments that include municipalities and garages, commercial and residential buildings, hotels, airports, medical centres, and universities.

For more information please visit our website at or call Grant Furlane at 416.898.3455.

LocoMobi World Introduces WORLDSTREAM, Full Infrastructure Cloud Management System

LocoMobi World is pleased to announce its newest Cloud-Based Smart City cloud system, WORLDSTREAM. The ability to manage and track vehicles, objects, events, and setting integrated events, coupled with reports, allows multiple buildings, cars, and people to be linked and create a Smart City World. The cloud portal provides thousands of access levels to transportation and building services through interactive devices. Integrations can be with new infrastructure and legacy systems as well. Integration can be done via device applications or at the cloud level. Anyone interacting with the system will have direct links to payment, reservations, security, and with all the merchants and services in the community or city. The system is frictionless and very safe.

“Our goal is to provide a seamless experience to the world,” says CEO Grant Furlane. “We have set up many partnerships and continue to launch a very exciting platform that is proven and with many great references. The system can be full in-house automation, or we can offer management services.”

WORLDSTREAM uses restful APIs for seamless integration. A powerful analytical engine provides powerful reporting, real-time access anywhere, anytime, and maintains system health checks, diagnostics, and self-healing. Many of the applications are illustrated in the diagram.

With hundreds of installations, there is a constant theme LocoMobi World follows: Safe, Frictionless, Secure, Convenient, Sustainable, and  Accommodating.

About LocoMobi World Inc.

LocoMobi World Inc. is a cloud-based Smart City technology company specializing in building, parking, tolling, transit, storage, asset tracking, and threat management solutions. LocoMobi World produces and distributes pioneering technology to government, institutional, and parking management clients throughout North America and has a growing platform of transportation infrastructure patents. LocoMobi provides a full line of products including Pay-On-Foot Kiosks, Pay-On-Exit Stations, and Barrier Gates for Commercial and Residential Facilities. The offering includes interactive applications between merchants, service providers, and patrons.

LocoMobi’s leading cloud-based License Plate Recognition (LPR) system offers a refined approach for revenue control, virtual permitting, violation and citation management, toll road management, managed traffic lanes, gated lane environments, as well as residential multi-level condominium building parking control and access.

For more information please visit our website at or call Grant Furlane at 416.898.3455.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Curbside Pick-Up and Drive-Thru with Arrival Alarm powered by LPR Express!

During the global pandemic, businesses have completely shifted their practices with curbside pick-up and drive-thru becoming increasingly essential. Even with the slow open of brick and mortar retail shops and in-restaurant dining, curbside pick-up and drive-thru remains favorable among consumers and will continue to be as we move forward. 

According to Hal Lawton, CEO of Tractor Supply Company, “consumers will likely stick to shopping habits picked up during the coronavirus pandemic well into the future.” Lawton emphasizes that things like contactless payment and curbside pick-up will be important and that his business model has shifted to favor these new consumer habits.  

As shops have started to open up, The New York Times reported that retail sales have rebounded in May. Small shops have seen success with steady sales through curbside pick-up only. The New York Times also stated that stand-alone retailers and other open-air retail spaces (as opposed to enclosed shopping malls) are seeing favorable results as people are shifting to the new norms of shopping and the curbside pick-up model. 

LocoMobi World’s mission is to move the world forward with the latest smart city technology and we recently released Arrival Alarm to help businesses introduce or improve their curbside pick-up or drive-thru system. Arrival Alarm, powered by LPR Express, notifies establishments in real-time when customers arrive on-site, vastly speeding up the pick-up process.

Arrival Alarm eliminates long lines and frustrated customers and instead, streamlines the order & pick-up process saving time and money. Customers are asked to input their license plate number when ordering online or through a business’s mobile app. When they arrive for pick-up, LPR cameras scan their license plates and the establishment is notified instantly of their arrival. LPR Express’s multi-step scanning process uses advanced artificial intelligence to ensure extreme accuracy. Specially built recognition cameras with AI exposure control guarantees the best image possible for the license plate recognition and multiple license plate scans further increases accuracy. Customers no longer have to phone in or scroll through their email inbox when they arrive, thus creating a truly frictionless experience for all parties involved!

Get in touch with one of our expert salespeople to learn more and let’s get the ball rolling on a convenient, frictionless, and sustainable curbside pick-up and drive-thru system today! Email or call us at (416)-883-2463.

LocoMobi World Announces the Launch of a Smart City Podcast To Be Hosted By World Renown Broadcaster, Alan Cross!

The SmartCity.Blog will be aired twice per month and will be hosted by Alan Cross of “A Journal of Musical Things.” Subjects will range from Smart City infrastructure, buildings, transportation, security, and smart communities. The goal will be to tackle the challenges of the ever-changing world of Smart City initiatives and to start a conversation among industry experts and listeners. The show will also be co-hosted by our very own Grant Furlane, CEO of LocoMobi World Inc. The first podcast is scheduled to air at the beginning of August…more exciting details to come throughout the month! Make sure you’re following us on social media @LocoMobiWorld!

Alan Cross

Grant Furlane






The Smartest Gate In the Market At the Best Value

LocoMobi World is pleased to introduce BriskPark, our new Parking Access and Revenue Control Solution offering ten new innovative products. First up is our BriskPark Smart Gate! Most parking applications start with a simple gate… As a leader in LPR and Payment Technology, we decided to make our gate as smart as all of our products at the best value in the market today! 

This slick & quick access gate is ideal for toll and parking applications. It has advanced safety features with many smart options as it is embedded with the WorldStream Cloud Management Portal giving you the power to know and control from anywhere in the world! The durable, slim, and lightweight BriskPark Smart Gate can withstand years of weathering blackouts and rebounds and can be customized to your needs with a standard folding arm gate or fence gate that reaches up to 23’. Best of all it is easy to install and set up! 

Want more information on the smartest gate in the market? Click here or e-mail or call us at (416)-883-2463.