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LocoMobi World Introduces WORLDSTREAM, Full Infrastructure Cloud Management System

LocoMobi World is pleased to announce its newest Cloud-Based Smart City cloud system, WORLDSTREAM. The ability to manage and track vehicles, objects, events, and setting integrated events, coupled with reports, allows multiple buildings, cars, and people to be linked and create a Smart City World. The cloud portal provides thousands of access levels to transportation […]

Welcome to the Next Generation of Curbside Pick-Up and Drive-Thru with Arrival Alarm powered by LPR Express!

During the global pandemic, businesses have completely shifted their practices with curbside pick-up and drive-thru becoming increasingly essential. Even with the slow open of brick and mortar retail shops and in-restaurant dining, curbside pick-up and drive-thru remains favorable among consumers and will continue to be as we move forward.  According to Hal Lawton, CEO of […]

LocoMobi World Announces the Launch of a Smart City Podcast To Be Hosted By World Renown Broadcaster, Alan Cross!

The SmartCity.Blog will be aired twice per month and will be hosted by Alan Cross of “A Journal of Musical Things.” Subjects will range from Smart City infrastructure, buildings, transportation, security, and smart communities. The goal will be to tackle the challenges of the ever-changing world of Smart City initiatives and to start a conversation […]

The Smartest Gate In the Market At the Best Value

LocoMobi World is pleased to introduce BriskPark, our new Parking Access and Revenue Control Solution offering ten new innovative products. First up is our BriskPark Smart Gate! Most parking applications start with a simple gate… As a leader in LPR and Payment Technology, we decided to make our gate as smart as all of our […]

Detect, Identify and be Alerted of Theft & Burglary in Parking Garages with CondoPark & Added Awareness!

Theft and burglaries are on the rise in condo parking garages across North America amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Ottawa Police see a 70% spike in break and enter calls during the COVID-19 pandemic including a string of several occurring in parking garages in commercial or residential buildings. In Toronto, more than 20 vehicles were broken […]

LocoMobi World Inc. Introduces the Next Generation of Curbside Pick-Up & Drive-Through Systems

Arrival Alarm, powered by LocoMobi World LPR Express, is the next generation of convenience for curbside pickup and drive-through. Have your establishment notified in real-time when customers are on-site, vastly speeding up the pick-up process.  Given the growth of big box retailers and shopping malls using curbside pick-up, the development of a direct service between […]

Artificial Intelligence System Provides Vehicle & Pedestrian Activity in Real Time

LocoMobi World is pleased to introduce the industry’s first true tailgating solution that detects, alerts, and identifies violators: The Added Awareness Console & Advanced Alerts. The front desk console allows property managers to monitor their property via a live video stream from the CondoPark system LPR cameras, augmented with the real-time status of all licence […]

LocoMobi World Introduces PassagePass Powered by LPR Express!

LocoMobi World introduces PassagePass powered by LPR Express, the next generation of parking payments. Parking facility owners and managers can secure their revenue and differentiate their lots/garages by offering the simplest and most convenient parking experience!  LPR Express allows customers to opt-in to LPR Express on the PassagePay app. When a customer drives to a […]

CondoPark Management System

With the ever-changing world, we see condominiums, apartments, and gated communities becoming a hub of activity. People are establishing home offices, deliveries are increasing and security becomes more important than ever. Condo living is resort-style living at its best. CondoPark becomes your automated transportation and parking manager while ensuring unwanted people and vehicles are not accessing […]

LocoMobi World Inc. Awarded “Contactless” License Plate Recognition Parking System Contract at the Warehouse Lofts in Toronto

Toronto, ON. – As one of the industry-leading Smart City transportation companies, LocoMobi World has been awarded the contract to install their contactless License Plate Recognition (LPR) system at the Warehouse Lofts. Developed by The Sher Corporation and Downing Street Group, the Warehouse Lofts are currently in the pre-construction phase and will house a mix of […]