LocoMobi – Official Sponsor of CSSA’s 10th Annual Eastern Canadian Conference, Trade Show and Self-Storage Facility Tours

November 11, 2015 – Toronto, Canada

LocoMobi kicked off its first of two days at the Canadian Self Storage Association (CSSA) 10th annual Eastern Canadian Conference, Trade Show and Self-Storage Facility Tours, hosted in the North Building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Amongst the exhibitors, LocoMobi will be presenting new avenues in which cloud technology can improve self-storage operations.

As the official sponsor, LocoMobi will be presenting its Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) software and its patented mobile application, QuickPay, to demonstrate how new-age technology can be applied within the self-storage industry. It hopes to convey how implementations of such technologies can improve self-storage operations, by providing real-time updates on revenue, increasing facility security through blacklist functions, and demonstrating how managing and updating multiple properties is possible through a handheld device.

“It’s not just about self-storage, it’s about self-storage facilities adhering to the global technological shift and the expectations it brings,” says Grant Furlane, LocoMobi Co-founder and CEO. “Customers expect a seamless experience, from point of entry to exit, while still maintaining a high level of security, and we are here to show facility owners how that’s possible through cloud technology.”

In addition to the demonstrations, exhibitors and visitors will have the chance to meet LocoMobi investor and Board Member, Darryl Sittler, on Thursday, November 12 at LocoMobi’s booth, number 317, in Exhibitor’s Hall. Mr. Sittler will be signing autographs on location and will be delivering a motivational speech at 1:30-2pm EST . “It’s been a great experience working with Grant and the LocoMobi team,” says Darryl Sittler, former Toronto Maple Leaf Captain and 1989 Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee. “I know what it’s like to invest time and energy to be number one, and I’m happy to be a part of a team with that same mindset.”

About LocoMobi

LocoMobi, Inc. is reinventing parking and transportation technology in the era of cloud, mobile, low-cost hardware and the Internet of Things. LocoMobi was the first to offer a cloud-based license plate recognition (LPR) system, with a complete revenue engine that also provides a management system for virtual permitting systems, violation and citation management. In addition, LocoMobi designs and implements a complete suite of traditional parking systems. This, combined with its state-of-the-art LPR system, has significantly increased the parking assets of its partners, which include major parking operators across North America

LocoMobi’s innovations have garnered it worldwide attention after being awarded for 2014 TiE50 Best New Technology, Silicon Valley’s premier annual award ceremony, contested by thousands of technology start-ups worldwide.

For more information about LocoMobi, please visit www.locomobi.com.

Media Contact

Grant Furlane

Co-founder and CEO

LocoMobi, Inc.