LocoMobi Deploys VideoPark Access Control and Check in System at Canada’s #1 Campground Resort


July 2, 2014 – Toronto, Canada

Woodland Park resort gets integrated license plate recognition, gated access, and cloud-based check-in and tracking.

LocoMobi Inc. is pleased to announce the installation of its VideoPark system at Woodland Park Resort in Sauble Beach, Ontario.  LocoMobi VideoPark is an advanced system for parking, access control and check-in utilizing the advanced and integrated capabilities of the license plate recognition (LPR) and real-time cloud-based management system.

Woodland park, the #1 rated campground resort in Canada, caters to high end campers who may wish to rent a condo style mobile home, RV sites and campgrounds. Being in close proximity to one of most beautiful and popular beaches in Canada, privacy and controlled access are the key to providing an enjoyable user experience.

The traditional method of access control is via proximity cards, but these are hard to control and can be passed around to unauthorized users. The key for secure access control is ensuring the actual car or truck is the registered vehicle allowed on the property. Since license plates are the true “DNA” of the vehicle, the LocoMobi VideoPark system tracks each vehicle in real time using the license plate recognition cameras and image processing system and grants access to the gated entryway only to the vehicles Woodland authorizes to access their resort area, while at the same time providing a complete record of each vehicle entering and exiting the facility.

In addition to safety and security, Woodland Park encompasses  960 lots, which translates to hundreds of  vehicle transactions per day,  so it is extremely important to ensure everything runs efficiently.

Vacationers can be registered via LocoMobi’s VideoPark Cloud Portal in advance of their visit.  This eliminates the need for patrons to stop and obtain an access card or tag, which eliminates line ups at the office, saving time for patrons and resort staff.

“Having one of the largest and most well known-facilities and  trendsetters in their industry  choose LocoMobi signifies another first for us, with many more locations to follow,” says Grant Furlane, Co-Founder and CEO of LocoMobi Inc.”

LocoMobi is currently deploying LPR systems in multiple resort campgrounds as it responds to demand from the market for this state of the art and affordable system.

About LocoMobi, Inc.

LocoMobi, Inc. is reinventing parking and transportation technology in the era of cloud, mobile, low-cost hardware and Internet of Things.

LocoMobi’s product offerings are unique in their level of comprehensiveness, innovation, and price: installations typically have twice the functionality at approximately half the price of competitive systems. LocoMobi’s innovations have recently garnered worldwide attention when the Company was a winner of the award for 2014 TiE50 best new technology in the world, where over 2800 companies from 27 countries were considered.

LocoMobi has partnerships with most of the major parking operators in the U.S. and Canada, and is deployed in parking garages and lots, hotels, campgrounds and resorts, malls, and theme parks and on-street in major cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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