LocoMobi Co-Founder Barney Pell discusses AI, Johnny Depp and the line between science fiction and reality

March 10, 2016 – Toronto, Canada

Can Artificial Intelligence suppress human intelligence?  How soon can we expect to be overshadowed by our machine counterparts? Where do we draw the line between science fiction and reality?

AND the big question – Can we upload Johnny Depp to our PC’s in the near future?!

LocoMobi’s Co-Founder Barney Pell knows parking, but he is no one trick pony! Barney is a pioneer of general game-playing programs in artificial intelligence (AI), founder of the Powerset AI-based search engine, and once an autonomous robotics researcher and manager at NASA.

Join Barney Pell as he shares his thoughts on this fascinating subject matter! (click links below).

Transcending Artificial Intelligence: Part 1

Transcending Artificial Intelligence: Part 2