LocoMobi to Acquire Citrys Systems

March 9, 2016 – Toronto, Canada

Adds Network of Over 95 Self-Storage Locations in 65 Cities to LocoMobi’s Worldwide Business Infrastructure

LocoMobi, Inc., the leading technology company specializing in cloud-based parking, transit and tolling solutions has announced the acquisition of Citrys Systems Inc., the leading Canadian provider of management software solutions for the self-storage industry.

Citrys Systems’ proprietary software offers backend management for self-storage companies. This includes financial services, billing, site mapping, payment systems, forecasting and yield management. The software is live in over 95 Self-Storage Locations in 65 Cities.

Combining these systems with LocoMobi Inc.’s technology will give self-storage businesses integrated access to unique security and asset tracking measures unmatched in the self-storage industry. These include LocoMobi’s patented gate kit technology, license plate recognition, cloud-based management, the QuickPay mobile app, and portable kiosk systems to streamline the customer experience.

“Each new market we emerge into is a strategic, long-term decision for the company and its shareholders,” said Grant Furlane, Co-Founder and CEO of LocoMobi, Inc. “We’re applying our technology to the most influential industries where we see opportunity for transformative innovation and value creation. We plan to add systems to existing self-storage locations in Canada and will work diligently to expand our marketplace to the United States and beyond.”

This user-friendly hardware and software will change how self-storage facilities operate. These custom-tailored solutions can be quickly and affordably implemented with existing gates and access systems, with the option to use LocoMobi’s gateless entry solutions featuring a cloud-portal reporting system. As an added benefit to facility owners, property managers, and customers, license plates can be stored for a more efficient and secure way to enter the facility.

“We’re proud to stand behind LocoMobi as they expand their operation beyond parking, transit and tolling solutions,” says Founder and President of Citrys Systems, Chris Lautenbach. “The marriage of our state-of-the-art self-storage management software with LocoMobi’s revolutionary technology, such as license plate recognition and QuickPay, will vastly increase the flexibility and breadth of options available to our users.”

If you would like more information regarding LocoMobi Inc.’s technology and how it integrates with Citrys Systems, please contact Grant Furlane at 416.898.3455 or grant@locomobi.com.

About Citrys Systems Inc.

Citrys Systems is based out of Burnaby, British Columbia and has been in the self-storage software business since 1995. As a customer-driven company, their development has always been driven by a combination of customer requirements and market needs. Their product, Mini Storage Executive is available as either a standalone, installable software product or as a managed and hosted web-based cloud application usable on any device that has an HTML5 compliant web browser. They offer many features not available in competing products and are constantly striving to give their customers the most user-friendly, competitive and enterprise-friendly experience in the industry.

About LocoMobi Inc.

LocoMobi Inc. is a cloud-based parking, transit, and tolling company that produces and distributes pioneering technology to travelers and parking providers throughout the United States. Through their License Plate Recognition (LPR) system, they offer a complete revenue engine that also provides a refined process for virtual permitting systems, including violation and citation management. LocoMobi also designed and implemented the first LPR-based system, incorporating payment stations and barrier gates, which was integrated into a single cloud-based system. Lastly, the company designs and implements a complete suite of traditional parking systems, including the conventional machine-readable ticket systems and can combine them with license plate recognition as one single solution for airport and seaport parking providers.